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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Lord of the Flies Found Poem-Utopia

(Lines from William Golding's Lord of The Flies, pp 4-215)

A vision of red and yellow
White surf beyond the open sea
Still as a mountain lake
Shades of shadowy green and purple

Palm trees leaned, reclined
Green feathers up in the air
Palm fronds whisper,
Spots of blurred sunlight slid
Bright winged things in the shade

Noon, floods of light fell
Stark colours of the morning
Smoothed in pearls and opalescence
The heat, lying there, perhaps sleeping

The leaves were roaring like the sea
Something boomed up on the red rock
Shake, noise, steadily increased
The darkness was full of claws, awful, unknown
Between flashes of lightning, dark and terrible,
The boys followed him...


  1. I must admit that this is an outstanding video with vivid and precise drawings, and a well-organized found poem. I love your unique way of presenting this found poem. Your voice and tone are especially impressive!

  2. Great poem, I really liked your video. The voice had strong emotions, especially in the darker parts of the poem. Also the visual interpretations of the poem really enhanced it's significance.


  3. really liked the poem you guys created. Also the intonation the poem was said in, it in was very clear and easy to understand. Well done

  4. I really like your drawings, especially the first one of the beach. The drawings really add to the atmosphere of your well written poem.

  5. I really like the intonation of your voice. It really helps the viewer to understand the meaning. The drawing just completes it in the best way. Great work!

  6. Nice video! The poem was even better with your great intonation. Also, the drawings well illustrates the setting and the atmosphere too! As someone mentioned it above too, I like the beach drawing. :D

    1. -Darren (I can't edit comments..?)

    2. Lol sry no >.< unfortunately this isnt fb

  7. I loved the pictures and voice over. Also, I found the poem's name quite interesting. Even though the island was far more like distopia, you named it utopia... I wonder why :P

  8. Very well organized poem and great images. I really like the expression in the voice over.

  9. I like how you made it sound so dramatic. Amazing job :D

  10. I loved how the tone of the poem escalates, specifically how that if you press the button "9" at any times during the video, you can hear the clear contrast. Also, I liked the ongoing, consistent use of colours to describe the imagery of the poem. They really helped paint an image in my mind. Awesomely done.

    - Vincent T.

  11. ok, now without that dramatic reading narrated in the video I don't think I would have read it the same way from the formatting in the written version.
    So, I find that quite interesting.
    feedback for the future poem: arrange the poem on paper as you would have your audience read it. Don't centre justify every line. where are the list of contributors to the group found poem? that should be in the post and/or video somewhere (first names or initials ok)
    I liked how the video was put together. Good clarity of narration; dramatic reading and very creative and original visuals. Way to go!